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Empty Your Pockets!!!!

Drug possession defendant Christopher Jansen, on trial in March in Pontiac, Michigan, said he had been searched without a warrant. The prosecutor said the officer didn’t need a warrant because a “bulge” in Christopher’s jacket could have been a gun. Nonsense, said Christopher, who happened to be wearing the same jacket that day in court. He handed it over so the judge could see it. The judge discovered a packet of cocaine in the pocket and laughed so hard he required a five- minute recess to compose himself.


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  1. I dont truly know what you talking about right here. This cant be the only way to think about this can it? It appears like you understand a lot, so why not explore it more? Make it more accessible to everyone else who might not agree with you? Youd get a lot more individuals behind this should you just stopped making common statements.

    September 17, 2010 at 8:07 am

    • DJ Big Al

      What’s not to understand? I’m a Internet Radio DJ, I do a show every Monday at 5 pm EST. and on Sunday nights we do a weekly show called “The Weekend Chronicles” and one of the things that I do on the weekend show is what we call “The Stupid Story of the Week”, where I find stories on how stupid criminals can get over the course of their “careers” and I use that term loosely. After I do the story on the show I put it up on here so people who miss our show can still get their “Stupid Story” fix.

      If you were actually paying attention you would have seen that this post was done under my “Stupid Stories” category, besides you do have to find it kind of “Stupid” to go to court for drug possession with drugs in your jacket pocket, wearing the same jacket that got you there in the first place.

      October 8, 2010 at 9:11 am

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